• Jason Kern • Selling Your Home

Home Staging

For a seller, staging a home may be a great investment. However, it’s not a requirement.

Staging can be as simple as removing some of your personal pictures and belongings, clearing countertops and common spaces and deep cleaning specifically in the kitchen and bathrooms. This is much easier if the house is unoccupied certainly but there are some simple steps you can take to tidy up. If you as a buyer decide, usually after a conversation with your agent, that you want to go further, you can hire an outside staging service to come in and present the home at it’s best. Some studies show that staging a home can increase the sales price between 1-5%. However, going “big” on staging is often more impactful on new or remodeled construction or higher priced, unoccupied homes. Additionally, in this process you’ll want to view the home as a potential buyer would. Include the exterior of the home and consider painting stairs, entryways and doors that are visible from outside the home.

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