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Jason Kern Speaking Engagements

The $43,650 Cup of Coffee

In this talk we discuss an often poorly served market niche of the small investor.

This talk covers vital terms and the critical working knowledge required to serve small real estate investors including multifamily, and house flippers. It also discusses ideas for connecting with, and becoming a powerful ally for these prospective clients. He’ll cover critical terms and concepts to know when opening up this new market niche. This is a great course for agents who want to boost transaction volume with only a couple of powerful additions to their client list.

Jason has engaging and understated speaking style with a seasoned perspective and his narrative style talk makes the content accessible and easy to retain. He’s worked in multiple market areas including Jackson Hole, New Hampshire and Maine. He’s also worked in various market conditions serving clients through their personal challenges and difficult marketing conditions. This said, his interesting story lines, robust professional history and intuitive insights add value to most any event.

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Buyer Survival Guide

In this talk we discuss the process of buying your first home in a full-contact seller market

Jason walks through first time buyers through process of buying a home in an extremely competitive landscape.

With the new knowledge from this talk attendees will understand the steps in the buying process and the critical players involved. They’ll know what to expect “in the wild” and have some immediate strategies for setting a mission, choosing an agent, and getting the best terms in the purchase.

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What People Say About Jason’s Speaking

“Jason has been innovative in the use of technology to make the content relevant and engaging and I often learn something new from his presentations. In this challenging market it’s more critical than ever to have the type of top notch content that Jason brings to my classes.” 

— Lee Sullivan, York Count Community Action Corporation

6 Great Reasons to Hire Jason Kern

1. Reliable – Jason’s motto is ‘just keep showing up.’ This means that when you’ve got an important timeline and need to have speakers who are dependable, you’ll want talent like Jason. Ready when you need him.

2. Adaptable – When it comes to fitting an event together, you’ll have to make sure speakers fill the time slots correctly. Jason is able to taylor the length and schedule of his talks in a way that helps you maximize your event schedule while keeping it all relevant.

3. Knowledgeable – Speakers who have been around for years grow if they’re paying attention. Jason is a voracious learner and is always working on his practice. It’s called a practice for a reason. Secondly, Jason recognizes the obligation to teach and mentor newer professionals. This approach keeps the conversation engaging and relational with a touch of humor. All these are important aspects in the learning process.

4. Experienced – Jason has served clients in steep buyer markets, deep seller markets, rural markets, affluent markets and investor niches. This broad experience gives a distinct and wise perspective. Jason’s ability to pass along this experience gives his listeners immediate tools to add to their skillset and develop their business.

5. Intuitive and Thoughtful – Jason has studied negotiation techniques and works hard to read what the audience is looking for to deliver the message in ways that meet thier best learning.

6. Tech Capable – Jason is familiar with most formats and quickly adjusts as needed depending on the technology.

Jason is available for future bookings