• Jason Kern • Selling Your Home

When you’re working with a Seller agent or broker in Maine there are some specific ways that the relationship is defined. This is important to understand because the agent is acting on your behalf as the seller client. They represent your best interest.

This relationship is so important that the Maine Real Estate commission has created a document called the Brokerage Relationship Disclosure. Agents are required to give to people at the “first substantive meeting” about real estate. The proverbial “real estate first date”, if you will. 

There are four types of agency that are most commonly practiced in Maine. They’re defined as Buyer Agency, Seller Agency, Dual Agency and Transaction Agency. 

There are some nuances here but your agent should sit down and have a detailed conversation about the brokerage relationship. The Brokerage Relationship Disclosure details these relationships so you understand who’s looking out for the Buyer and who’s representing the seller in any given transactional context. 

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