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This well kept, iconic split entry home was built in 1967 and has had tons of recent updates. They include brand new granite counter tops and kitchen sink, new refrigerator, electric range and hood in 2020, fresh paint throughout, and new flooring in the basement in 2019. For the exterior, the sellers have added a new roof (with extensive warranty) in 2018, a fresh coat of driveway sealant, new landscaping hedges, a new storm door and upgraded door fixtures. Listed for $239,000.

Leading up to listing their home Kern Real Estate set them up with a Market Tracker notification so they would know immediately about homes that may impact the list and sale price of their home.

Market Tracker notifications allow homeowners to see home prices, new listings, new sales and most importantly sale prices in the neighborhood around their home.

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Did You See What Your Neighbor Did?

Four things every savvy homeowner should know before they list their home for sale

As home prices continue to rise and competition among buyers gets tighter, make sure to keep an eye on a few critical details about homes that are selling in your neighborhood. Here’s what to watch: 

  1. Know when homes come on the market. If you’re following the trend you’ll notice that springtime is when most homes start to show up on the MLS. Use that trend to your advantage. 
  2. Know how long homes are on the market before they sell. This is also known as DOM or ‘days on market’. Even in a hot market some homes are priced incorrectly. If they’re over priced they’ll need a ‘repositioning’ or price correction. Underpriced, means a glut of offers and needless confusion. 
  3. Once they’ve sold, pay attention to the difference in sale price and closed price. Currently, the trend in your area is 2-6% over the list price. You’ll always hear of crazy outliers but those are the exception, not the rule. 
  4. Use this information to your advantage if you’re planning to ‘right-size’ into a new home. Strategic decisions like this are born from accurate information leading up to your decisions, and, using a seasoned professional to guide the way. 

Reach me with a call, text or email if you’re ready to know exactly what, when, and ‘HOW MUCH?!?’ is happening with homes in your neighborhood. We can have you set up in a few minutes with some very basic information and a no-pressure conversation.

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