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Selling Your Home


For a seller, staging a home may be a great investment. However, it’s not a requirement. Staging can be as simple as removing some of your personal pictures and belongings, clearing countertops and common spaces and deep cleaning specifically in the kitchen and bathrooms. This is much easier if the house is unoccupied certainly but…

Buying A Home

The General Home/Building Inspection – Buyer Perspective

One of the first items to schedule after you’ve gotten a property under contract is the general building inspection. You’ve got a specific, sometimes very short window of time to tackle this item before the end of the due diligence period. It’s important to understand here that the general building inspection is just that. It’s…

Selling Your Home

The General Home/Building Inspection – Seller Perspective

After your home is under contract with a buyer, they’ll quickly schedule a home inspection. It’s important for them to move this process along because if they discover anything that needs a deeper look, they’ll need to schedule that as well. At this point you’ll need to be accommodating with the scheduling so that the…