Insights & advice to help you get more out of real estate.

Buying A Home

Always Pursue a Backup Offer

As a buyer, If you make an offer to purchase a property and don’t get it –  always try to negotiate a backup offer.  This is an offer that’s negotiated right after another buyer has gotten the property under contract with the seller. Even though it’s a bit of a long shot it’s  worth pursuing…

Buying A Home

The Power and Risk of the Escalation Addendum

Here’s a quick home buyer tip about The Escalation Addendum  In this market it’s very common for several buyers to compete for a single property. To help buyers stay competitive the Maine Association of realtors has created an Escalation Addendum.  This addendum essentially allows a buyer to bid up their offer price incrementally to a…

Selling Your Home

Get the Most Out of Real Estate

As the Designated Broker and owner here at Kern Real Estate I work with homeowners like you to get the most out of real estate by helping them define and understand their goals and then by laying out a step by step path to help get them there.  A big part of this process is…